High performance litespeed server

In 2007, LiteSpeed Web Server became LiteSpeed Web Server Enterprise and was configured to be an Apache drop-in replacement.

On July 1, 2003, LiteSpeed Web Server was officially released as a full-featured web server. 6 In November 2016, LiteSpeed’s market share grew from 0.39% to 3.29%, increasing its position from 10th to 4th most popular web server according to Netcraft 7

In 2017, a team from Hong Kong Polytechnic University found

  • it to be one of the six most popular web servers, 8 and
  • it was estimated by a team at RWTH Aachen University to be running 9.2% of all HTTP/2-enabled websites.
  • 3 LSWS is developed by privately-held LiteSpeed Technologies
  • The software is an Apache drop-in replacement, meaning it uses the same configuration format as Apache.

LiteSpeed Web Server (LSWS), is Faster and amazing speed litespeed server software. Cohutta: Features the industry’s first 29er -specific titanium tubeset.

Litespeed has four C-Series bikes:

  1. C1R,
  2. C1 (Dura-Ace)
  3. Ci2, and
  4. C3 (Ultegra)

It’s new innovative top tube is created from a single sheet of 6Al/4V titanium to make a unique multi-facted tapered tube that reduces weight and increases stiffness.

In fact, it is the lightest production hand-made titanium frame on the market (averaging 1,000 grams per size medium). In a sea of carbon, Litespeed Titanium stands its ground.


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